Lower Claar Church of the Brethren
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Appointments 2015-2016
Sunday School Secretary:
Debbie Ebersole, Sarah Winesickle
Secretary of Supplies: Debbie Ebersole
Librarian: Alice Brown
Historian: Kathy Havey
Ushers: Danny Ebersole, Terry Black, Kent Walter, Doug Ebersole, Joshua Barnhart, Carl Swope, Clay Dodson, Reid Walter, Jared Ickes, Mathew Claycomb, Brandon Weyant
Family Life Director: Mary Claar
Camp Representative: Violet Claycomb
Messenger Agent: Danny Ebersole
Adult Director: Tom Ringler
Youth Director: Holly Claycomb
Children's Director: Debbie Ebersole
Choristers: Violet Claycomb, Tom Ringler, Alexis Albright, Darlene Walter, Alice Brown, Gail Eicher, Sarah Winesickle
Pianist: Kathy Havey
Organists: Tom Ringler, Kathy Havey
Cradle Roll Superintendent: Debbie Ebersole
Disaster Coordinator: Allen Sell

Sunday School Teachers
Nursery: Debbie Ebersole
Junior Youth: Pastor John Winesickle
Senior Youth: Pastor John Winesickle
Young Adult:  
Adult I and II: Mary Claar